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Since its inception on 25 September 1969, the OIC has gained continuously a rich experience in the international arena and plays today a significant role in the collaborative framework with multilateral institutions. Representing 57 Member States, the OIC has a considerable weight within these institutions where the voice of the Islamic Umma sounds and helps to promote the true image of a moderate Islam, tolerant, open to dialogue and carrying a message of peace, harmony and solidarity among Nations. It is on this basis that the OIC works to promote human rights, to enhance cooperation among States and peoples and to create conducive means for the access of the Islamic Ummah to modernity, with respect for its cultural and civilizational values.

The Permanent Delegation of the OIC in Geneva inscribes its action within this framework and represents the General Secretariat of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation at the United Nations Office at Geneva, Vienna and to the UNESCO in Paris. The OIC Office liaises, as observer Delegation, with all Organs of the United Nations system, other international institutions and NGOs based in Geneva. The Office also serves as Secretariat to the Groups of Member States of the OIC based in these three Capitals.

The activities of the OIC and its Representation in Geneva, Vienna and at UNESCO are reflected and disseminated through this website, which I hope, will meet the demand of useful and updated information made by all those interested in the policies and activities of the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation.


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